Testing for Racial Profiling

Using LAPD Open 2015 Stop Data

Racial tensions across the nation have been mounting across all channels. Police shootings concerning racial minorities has captured the nation’s attention. The Pew Research Center reports that for the upcoming 2016 presidential election that “as many as (63%) say the issue of how racial and ethnic minorities... [Read More]

MNIST Dataset: Classifying Images

Post 2 - Apply some Algorithms

Summary: Apply some trusty machine learning algorithms for classification to our MNIST dataset. Okay, so we have our small training dataset, smallTrain to play with here. Three of my favorite multinomial classifiers are: KNN: K-Nearest Neighbors RF: Random Forests SVM: Support Vector Machines These algorithms typically... [Read More]

MNIST Dataset: Classifying Images

Post 1 - Exploring the Data

Summary: Here, we will load the MNIST dataset acquired from Kaggle and do some early data analysis and exploration. We will want to understand the data, assess some potential features we might want to engineer, and visualize a few of the digits themselves. Load the data Let’s... [Read More]